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 The Ottawa Valley Guild of Stitchery presents a look into our exciting Program schedule for 2020-2021. Our new program chair, Mike has put together an exciting and tempting mix of classes and techniques for all of us to learn.

Program of Classes for 2020-2021
Note: All plans for our classes are subject to change as the rules for gathering during the pandemic will dictate.
We will begin our year by catching up to the classes that were postponed from the winter and spring.

October and November will see the completion of the Hedebo Spool Holder Box taught by Nancy.

There will be no classes or guest speaker for the December meeting. It will be an evening of general stitching.

The Silk Roads Pattern Darning Sampler will be taught at the January meeting my Mike.

Our New classes will begin in February , should you wish to register for a class please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Payment is by personal cheque or via e-transfer.


GillyFlower: An Elizabethan Trinket Box Teacher: Pauline V.
By Betsy Morgan Inspirations issue no. 79

February and March 2021 Kit Cost: $46.00

Instructions found in Inspirations Magazine #79 or available as a $10 download via the Inspirations website.
Limit of 10 in the class, more people may order the kit and work on own if they wish
Sign up ends at November meeting.
Kit includes silk threads, pearl cotton, beads, needles, linen, interior lining. Participants supply their own finishing materials and cloisonné beads; a visit to Meredith's shop will be strongly advised

April and May meetings


Sewing Pouch/Pochette Teacher: Jayne
By Laurence of based in Nyons, Switzerland

April & May 2021
Sign up closes in February or when class is full.
Kit Cost $25.00 Limit of 10 people in the class. There are 10 kits available. More people may join in the project, working from home with their own stash. There is no class fee should you choose this option. Instruction file will be emailed to them.
Kit includes colour photocopies, threads, ribbons, needles
Participants will provide their own choice of fabric and finishing supplies.

Program Policy revised 2018                      OVGS Program Fund


please note the OVGS Programme Fund applies only to the Program Coordinator and is included for the information purposes only.



  • To register or for more information please contact Mike This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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