204· Blackwork Lovebirds· Tanja Berlin  · May 14 and 15

205 · Fairy Felt Folk · Edwina Sutherland· May 14 and 15

203· Machine Embroidered Poppies· Richard Box · May 14 and 15

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203 · Machine Embroidered Poppies · Richard Box

This course is for all of you with a love of textile art and particularly for those who would like to learn Richard Box's technique of integrating fabric collage with both machine and and hand embroidery.


You will all be supplied with a 'Learning Pack' for POPPIES which consists of appropriately coloured fabrics and hand embroidery threads, backing fabric, patterns and an instruction sheet. Richard will guide you through the project step by step by demonstrating every stage. On one hand, Richard's teaching method is very structured; on the other hand his system allows for individual and personal interpretation to emerge and develop. Each result will be different, encapsulating your own unique style.

A sewing machine will be provided by Seminar, attendee will pay a nominal rental fee.

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May 14 and 15
Technique: Machine Embroidery
Skill Level: All Levels
Size: 7" X 9"
Kit Cost: $40.00

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