204· Blackwork Lovebirds· Tanja Berlin  · May 14 and 15

205 · Fairy Felt Folk · Edwina Sutherland· May 14 and 15

203· Machine Embroidered Poppies· Richard Box · May 14 and 15

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206 · Tulip Festival · Pat Caffery

Ottawa was the temporary home for Queen Julianna and her family during WWII and her daughter, Margriet was born here. As a thank you the Netherlands gave tulip bulbs to Canada for Ottawa’s hospitality during these dark days and millions of tulip bulbs have been arriving ever since. The Ottawa Tulip Festival was originally created to honour this yearly gift of beauty.

Pat designed this canvas piece with an Art Nouveau stained glass influence. This piece is easily stitched by all levels using Bargello, Jacquard, Scotch, Cashmere, Norwich, Condensed Scotch, Long Armed Cross and Basketweave stitches. Fibres include 6-ply floss, Kreinik braid, Superior Glitter and Madeira Supertwist.







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May 14 and 15
Technique: Canvas Work
Skill Level: All Levels
Size: 8.5” X 11.25”
Kit Cost: $65.00

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