301 · Underwater Sea View · Nicole Gélinas  · May 17 and 18

305 · Beaded Flowers and Gardens · Jo Wood· May 17 and 18

302 · Traditional Woodlands Quillwork · Naomi Smith

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Two-Day Classes May 17-18

301· Underwater Sea View · Nicole Gélinas

You will enjoy playing with shades of colors, textures and dimensions in this monochromatic project.You will use various embroidery stitches in different ways. This project merges 2 work techniques: Encrustation and Brazilian embroidery.

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303 · Eastern Bluebird · Tanja Berlin - Class Full

In this two day class, the student will work the Eastern Blue Bird on a Pine Branch with needle painting embroidery. This intriguing technique uses the threads as your paint on a closely woven fabric to create a realistic picture.                                       

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304 · Machine Embroidered Squirrel · Richard Box

This course is for all of you with a love of textile art and particularly for those who would like to learn Richard Box's technique of integrating fabric collage with both machine and and hand embroidery.                                                       

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305 · Beaded Flowers and Gardens · Jo Wood - Class Cancelled

This workshop is for those new to beading on fabric as well as for students wishing to explore some textural techniques. The goal is to introduce you to bead embroidery and how this can be used to create a flower or garden.                                               

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306 · Echoes of Glass · Carolyn Mitchell

This canvaswork piece was designed after an inspiring visit to the Morse Museum in Winter Park, Florida. Worked on #18 mono canvas, this design offers over twenty different canvaswork stitches including Crescents, Arrow Smadeus, Knotted, Waffle Variation, Teardrops and more.

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