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Who We Are

The Ottawa Valley Guild of Stitchery is a non-profit organization created to preserve and promote the ancient and noble art of embroidery.

Membership is open to anyone interested in furthering the practice and knowledge of the art of embroidery. Our members are of all skill levels, from beginners to nationally certified teachers, and practice a wide variety of techniques including bargello, crewel, cross-stitch, gold work, needlepoint, white work and blackwork.

To further its objectives, OVGS:

  • Meets monthly to allow members to participate in educational programmes, share and discuss their individual projects or work on pieces independently;
  • Organizes periodic workshops and tutorials featuring world-class teachers and leading practitioners of the needle arts; 
  • Maintains a comprehensive website with news, links to resources and competitions, including a “Member’s only” section;
  • Maintains a large and highly specialized lending library.

In addition:

  • Members of OVGS are automatically enrolled in the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada.
  • The Guild promotes needle arts through displays at a variety of events. 
  • At periodic intervals, OVGS hosts a showcase which features a broad sampling of the projects undertaken by the Guild’s talented members. Originals, commercial and educational works, and adaptations are displayed for the public's viewing pleasures.


One of the most valuable benefits of OVGS membership is the wide-ranging educational programme. Even if there is not a specific programme or correspondence course on a particular needlework technique or style, individual members are always willing to share their expertise.   The range and quality of their knowledge is literally encyclopaedic.

OVGS provides a wide-ranging selection of formal educational opportunities.

  • There is a Programme of educational classes which take place at monthly meetings during its calendar year, September through June. The programme schedule provides for two learning streams. At meetings, members can participate in the programmes or they can choose to join others and stitch their own pieces.
  • OVGS hosts two Workshops every year, in Fall and Spring.
  • Correspondence courses are available through the EAC and there are several options to choose from.   Members can take individual or group correspondence courses.  Courses are provided at all skill levels.

In addition, members have the opportunity to apply for OVGS’ s Annual Education Scholarship, named in honour of the late Marian Parry, a founding member of our guild. The scholarships may be applied to EAC correspondence courses, seminar attendance or OVGS classes.

OVGS is a chapter of The Embroiderers’ Association of Canada, founded in 1973. Currently EAC has 46 chapters and 17 youth groups with nearly 2,500 members in Canada and other countries throughout the world. EAC is an active member of the International Council of Needlework Associations. EAC provides a variety provide support services including developing correspondence courses.

The EAC also:

  • Maintains national book, slide and video libraries; 
  • Maintains a Heritage collection of stitchery and stitchery; 
  • Maintains a sampler registry to locate and document samplers in Canada for the purpose of study and research; 
  • Study portfolios to aid in research and education of the Needle Arts; 
  • Develops individual and group correspondence courses in a variety of embroidery techniques from basic to advanced levels;
  • Manages a Teacher Certification Programme; 
  • Provides support and start up materials for the formation of youth guilds;
  • Publishes “Embroidery Canada” magazine, two issues yearly;
  • Sponsor contests, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, competitions and awards.

Guests are always welcome to OVGS meetings. Attendance is free, though the educational programmes are for members only.

For more information about becoming a member visit the Membership page.

If you would like to be a guest at one of our meetings, please feel free to join us.

See Meeting Information for the meeting schedule, location information and directions.

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