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OVGS Bunting Banner 2021

The summer challenge for 2019 was to create flags for our new banner. The response was quite outstanding; we received over 25 completed pennants. The next task was to assemble them into a banner. Jayne embroidered the name of the embroiderer on the backing for each flag and then members of the executive stitched the backs to the embroidered piece.  MORE

Guild banner

OVGS Logo Banner 2018

Here at last is the newest addition to our banner collection. This is the result of the 2016 summer stitching challenge  to stitch different versions of our guild logo.  MORE


OVGS Tartan Banner 2003

Creating a fabric banner to represent a group to the world is an ancient tradition, dating at least from the ‘vexilla’ carried at the front of the Roman legions and coming down to us through the Middle Ages in the heraldic banners of medieval knights (examples can be seen in the Bayeux Tapestry). The Ottawa Valley Guild of Stitchery is the owner of two modern examples of this proud institution.  MORE


OVGS Flower Banner 1993

The Ottawa Valley Guild of Stitchery hosted Seminar in 1994, and felt that it would be fitting to make a banner for the event.

In 1992, the Guild had held a logo competition, at which time an independent graphic artist chose one of the four submitted logos as the winner. The triangular logo shape was chosen by the designer, Claire Todd, to signify the Peace Tower, and the upturned thimble and the scissor blades and needle represent Ottawa's signature tulips.  MORE

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