Important Message for all members of the OVGS

A New Season – A New Look!

We have upgraded our web services in order to bring to you a website with many new features.   I hope you’ll have a look around and re-familiarize yourself with your guild website.

The first feature is the security feature.   Each member will be required to register a user name and password.  The Members Log-in appears on the right of the your screen.  Click on Create an Account to get started.  You will be sent an email requesting that you activate your account by clicking a link.   Following activation I will approve your membership and a second email will be sent to you confirming your approval.  Once this is complete, you will be able to log-in to the site.   Why do I need to register? The website is separated into two sections, Public and Members Only.   By logging in to the site, you will activate the Members Only section.  Consequently, if you log out, those same menus that appeared will no longer be visible.

What’s new in the Public section?

  • You will notice a new menu system, complete with drop down menus and submenus.
  • We now have a search feature.  For example; if you search for “application”, all references to application will be displayed, including the Membership Application.
  • Our Library listing is now searchable by keyword. 
  • We have a new Calendar feature, visible at all times in the right hand column.  The Upcoming events will display events occuring within the next 30 days.  These events are colour coded as follows: 
    • Red Events can only be seen by logged in users. These events are membership related and not of interest to the general public. 
    • Gold Events are outside of the guild events that may be of interest to our membership..
    • Brown Events are OVGS related events for the public and our members.
    • Blue Events are EAC events. 

The Calendar is also viewable from the OVGS menu.   In this section, you can chose how you wish to view the events.  Click on See by Year to see all the events. 

What’s new in the Members only section?

We have posted an article on attending Seminar 2013. EAC celebrated it's 40th anniversary with "Branching Out" in Winnipeg.

We have also acquired a series of videos that you’ll have access to through the Members Only Section.   If you want to know more, you’ll have to register!



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