Seminar Countdown

It's almost here. We have less than 30 days to go now as we prepare to host the annual embroiderer's frenzy known as Seminar. This year destination Mecca for all of the needle toting pilgrims is Algonquin College.  The dates are May 13th-18th.

   If you are not one of the members who are attending classes please consider donating some of your time that week to volunteer at Seminar. We need many bodies to help out with Seminar Central and satff the Members' Exhibit both of which run throughout the entire Seminar. We also need help to set up on the Tuesday afternoon or take down on Sunday afternoon.This is an excellent way for anyone to come and share in the excitement of Seminar without having to pay the class fees.

Jump in and have a blast at the same time.cover Page-photo

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