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When you become a member of OVGS, you are automatically enrolled as a member of the Embroiderers' Association of Canada (EAC).  Signing up for full access to the EAC website will permit you to sign up for courses and seminars, while also giving you access to a wealth of information. 

You will need your OVGS membership number for EAC website registration, which you can find on your Embroidery Canada magazine or you can request it from our Membership Chair.  The Embroidery Canada magazine is published twice each year.

EAC Sampler Registry

At our October 2023 meeting, we were treated to a presentation by Anne Rowlands, the EAC Sampler Registrar.  If you missed the presentation, or would like to have another look at the collection, you can access the EAC/ACB Sampler Registry at any time.  When viewing the registry, the website allows you to filter your searches.

EAC is also very interested in adding your samplers to the collection.  Instructions on how to do this are on the same page under Submissions to the EAC/ACB Sampler Registry.  You can choose to submit your information on-line or complete a fillable form.

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