Workshop with Hazel Blompkamp

"Never mind what the back looks like, more stitchers have been turned off because of the nuns' insistence on a perfect back". What a great opening to a wonderful workshop! Hazel Blomkamp has a down to earth approach and amazing talent as an artist, author and teacher. She is well known for her beautiful and innovative crewel embroidery with its marvelous colour schemes and diverse range of embroidery techniques..... all with an exciting and unusual twist. If you haven't seen Hazel's work, check out her books in our library, they are a feast for the eyes.Hazel-3

Hazel was very generous with describing her stitching concepts and I can promise you the participants will never again see long and short stitch shading or satin stitch on curved shape in same way. To ensure we didn't damage the delicate silk background fabric in our kits Hazel had us practicing on a more resilient fabric... and since everything I stitched in class will need to be ripped out and re-stitched, I really appreciated this. The two days were packed with information, tips and tricks and I went home with my head spinning and my stitching heart happy. It was intense and perhaps a bit overwhelming but my only wish would be for another day of class!

Big thank you to Andrea who kept us sweet with amazing chocolate treats and to Moncion's Independent Grocers for providing us with the wonderful room bathed in light in which we were able to learn and prepare to create our own masterpieces from Hazel's designs.


Hazel-6    Hazel-7    Hazel-9

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