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Stitch in Public 2012


The EAC has declared Sept. 27 as National Stitch in Public Day to mark the founding of the EAC in 1973. 2011 was the first time Guilds across Canada planned activities to honour this event. This year the EAC recognized that most Guilds would have to schedule activities around the actual day itself to respect the work schedules of guild members. OVGS will have it’s first Stitch in Public Event on Sunday Sept. 30th at the Billings Estate Museum from 10 am to 4pm a group of volunteers from OVGS will go in to the Museum to do stitching demonstrations and promote the EAC and OVGS. This will also be part of the Billings Estate’s Culture Days as 2012 marks the Billing’s Estate Museum’s 180th anniversary. Which will be celebrated a month after our event there on Oct. 28th. OVGS has a long standing connection with the Billings Estate as some of our stitchers were responsible for reproducing the needle works that are on display within the museum as most of the original antique embroideries were too fragile to be put on display there.

Mike Parr

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