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Stitching Tools and Videos
 Fabric Calculator Scarlet Quince has one of the best fabric calculators I have ever seen. Allows for frame and mat allowances.

Mary Corbert's Needle 'n Thread how to Videos.  Beautiful videos of various embroidery stitches with instruction.  The stitch videos include Line Stitches & Bands, Chain, Fly and Buttonhole Stitches, Detached Stitches & Knots, Filing Stitches and Miscellenous Embroidery Techniques. This is the ultimate conversion link. You'll find links to some very hard to find conversions. Floss conversion charts, stitch conversion charts, bead conversion charts, thread conversion charts. Enjoy!

Robert Haven Master of Tambour Bead Embroidery  An excellent website devoted to a teacher of Tambour Bead Embroidery. There is an excellent insructional video on the video page which shows exactly how to handle the hook and beads. Enjoy!

StitchPoint - Stitch Converters and Tools.

Graph Paper for Charted Design - It is always nice to have graph paper on hand in order to draw patterns yourself or to rearrange or adapt existing patterns. If you use too many patterns or patterns that are too big, then you will need an overview, and it is handy to have many squares on one sheet. If you make something complicated with many colours or many backstitches, bigger squares are more practical. In other cases, it is recommended to use squares the size of your cross stitches.

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